Manuel & Deni Gabriel
7636 Patterson Road
Oakdale, CA 95361
(209) 845-2622



Major Rey Jay




We have relocated! Double DM Ranch is now in Oakdale, California.

As mare owners, we have always had to look for just the right stud! So we understand what other mare owners go through.

We are now offering two studs for the up and coming breeding season.

Manuel's philosophy is very simple: "Our horses must have good minds, be easy to work with and be able to work all day if asked. It might be to gather cattle, doctor, brand or just going down the road for a pleasure ride."

Deni's is real easy: "They have to look pretty and have the conformation to get the job done. If they work cows on Saturday, they better be able to show on Sunday."

Our goal is to produce the best possible horses for today's competitive market as well as tomorrow's.



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